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Alluri is no stranger to writing some of the weirder music out there at the moment.  the psychedelic maestro, in his new cut, ‘Texture Composure’, is up to his old tricks.

There is never a moment in this new single where the expected happens. Rather, it jumps from sense to silly, but never crosses the border into shocking. The songwriting, and indeed the structure of this single, leads you to wondering whether Alluri is an idiot or a genius. But that would seem to be the case with all great musicians at any one time.

‘Texture Composure’, asks all the questions, and indeed holds the humdrum sounds of modern music to account. You can’t help but love it as much as you can’t help wondering why is this so good.

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Redd Alluri’s tale is a fascinating one. He never heard any western music when growing up in Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state in Southern India, instead being force-fed endless Tollywood – a regional version of Bollywood. His moment of enlightenment came, finally, when his older brother returned home after finishing university, bringing the classic rock of Guns’N’Roses with him.

This was the path that led Alluri to, randomly, Ricky Gervais’ XFM podcasts. From there he was off: introduced to the wonders of The Smiths, Nick Cave, Joy Division and The Cure, and eventually making the leap to the UK, where he’s now based.

‘Man Of Truth’ was recorded in Brighton and sounds a lot like the brighter moments of late 1990s Britpop. Key track ‘All The Women’ has a brilliantly caustic lyric about, seemingly, the politics back home, and sounds both fiery and vital. ‘It’s With You’, meanwhile, is underpinned by a neat Kinks-influenced riff.

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