[separator top=”40″ style=”none”] In the summer of 2015 whilst looking for interesting images for our album cover we came across these photos.
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There were four photos featuring the same woman and we immediately decided we would use the first image on the cover of our debut release ‘Man of Truth’.
We started to write out the sleeve notes and credits and when it came to those for the photo we had nothing to say about it. We wondered if there was anyway we could find out her real name and thank her, we’ve nicknamed her Elsie and we’ve launched #doyouknowelsie.

We are asking the social media world if they can help us track down her family or maybe she’s still with us?

The Clues:
The photos were found in a junk shop in the Brighton North Lanes in 2015.
Elsie is on holiday (we assume) in Scotland and we think she might be with her sister in one photo, maybe her sister lived in Scotland and she visited her?
The photo of her by the loch or river, shows her with a dog.
The photo at the picnic bench shows a red car in the background, looks like a Saab or a Volvo maybe?
If these photos were taken in the mid-70s and she was 40-50 years old that would mean she would be 80-90 years old now.

Here’s a video we’ve made for our campaign
#doyouknowelsie video

Can you help us find her family or her name? @allurimusic #doyouknowelsie
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