Identity Crisis as core of the album

The Hyderabad-born, London-based globetrotting musician, Alluri Shriram, is back with his second album ‘O Katha: Tales of This Telugu Man’ which is going to be available on his website allurimusic starting this Saturday, Citing the inspiration for his second studio album as, “ an identity crisis being resolved”, the singer feels he has identified and connected with his native language through the course of writing these songs in Telugu, While the lyrics on his album are close to home, the music was created in collaboration with award-winning Italian music producer, Tommaso Colliva giving the music a Western aura. Shriram’s personal favourite tune from his
latest creation is “Baalyam” which already hav over 6 lakh views on YouTube. His other songs have love, travel and societal politics as the main subjects making a relatable narrative for all the listeners. Alluri’s third album is in the works where he plans to change the Western packaging
in terms of music and move towards more indian beats. Alluri and his team plan on touring various universities across Andhra Pradesh ans Telangana to get a hands-on responce from young audiences and mould their new album accordingly. The songs will largely be penned in Telugu
with room for a few English tracks for his global audience as well. Alluri plans on utilising the growing market for live music in the country and wants to help the culture grow in India.