After the release of latest single ‘Naato Vastavaa’, Indian indie rock sensation Alluri is ready to unleash his music at TMW where he will be playing at the World Music Stage at Erinevate Tubade Klubi on Saturday 7th April.

Alluri is a musician from Hyderabad, India whose unique brand of indie rock is taking the music world by storm, one continent at a time. His music is as grand and euphoric as anything you’d find from Arcade Fire and has a touch of Morricone too.

Now working between India, the UK and Italy, Alluri has teamed up with producer/mixer Tommasso Colliva (The Jesus and Mary Chain, Franz Ferdinand, Muse) and Italian musician Massimo Martelotta, from cult ‘cinematic Italo-funk’ band Calibro 35, on powerful and unique music sung in the local Telugu language of Hyderabad.

Alluri’s latest single ‘Naato Vastavaa’ (‘A Trip’ in English) boasts his powerful vocals sung in his mother tongue Telugu and is led by a thumping drum beat with a euphoric brass section and retro keyboard sounds. Since its release, the track has been added to Apple Music’s A List: Indian Pop playlist and Apple Music France’s Rock playlist, as well as enjoying radio play from BBC Asian Network and Amazing Radio.

Alluri’s forthcoming album is set for release later this year. “My second album is very different from my first album in many ways and it was emotionally inspired by the first album,” says the musician. “After making the first album I felt as if I couldn’t truly share songs written in English with family and friends back home. I felt I needed to write songs in Telugu to re-infoce my Telugu idenity which I had neglected till then. All the songs came out in a burst.”

Live, Alluri is a force to be reckoned with. He blew everyone away at the Trans Musicales festival in France with his stellar cover of ‘Anarchy in the UK’ by the Sex Pistols. The cover got approval by the one and only Glen Matlock – bass guitarist for the Pistols – who shared the video on Twitter.